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Watercraft & Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Recreation Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Boating is a great way to have fun, and there are hundreds of lakes in our part of Michigan that are wonderful for fishing, water skiing, swimming and just splashing around.

Unfortunately, our lakes are also the site of many serious injuries.

Accidents can involve any kind of watercraft — privately owned boats, cruise boats, pontoons, canoes and personal craft like Jet Skis. Boats collide, boaters get drunk and reckless, people fall overboard and drown, swimmers are struck by boats, people are cut by propellers, boats catch fire — many different scenarios can lead to injuries, the worst of which are fatal.

Brighton Personal Watercraft Injury Lawyer

At David W. Brauer, PLLC, we take cases for people who were injured on the water through no fault of their own, or family members who lost a loved one because of an accident.

Other Sources of Recreational Injuries

  • Personal watercraft
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Scuba and deep-sea diving
  • Skiing
  • Water parks
  • RVs
  • Motocross bikes
  • Three-wheelers
  • Snowmobiles
  • Hang-gliders

If You Have Been Injured by a Commercial Boat

Sometimes boats that are operated by businesses — commercial fisheries, tour companies, rental companies and others — are involved in accidents on the water. When this happens we move quickly to preserve evidence of the accident in boat logbooks and other records. We look for evidence of poor boat maintenance, untrained or unlicensed pilots, poor signage and dangerous products.

Businesses operating on our lakes must be held accountable for the injuries they contribute to.

At David W. Brauer, PLLC, You Are in the Driver’s Seat

Our attorneys accept no payment from you until we produce results for you with a positive judgment.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, call David W. Brauer, PLLC at (517) 548-1998. We want to hear your story and evaluate your case. If we believe it has merit, we will commit our time and resources to winning for you the compensation that you deserve.

Swimming Pool Drownings

Did you know that drowning is a major cause of death for children 14 and younger? Many drowning accidents occur at swimming pools that are unsupervised, have inadequate warning signs or are dangerous in any other way. If you have lost a loved one to a swimming pool drowning, we may be able to help.

Always wear a personal floatation device (PFD) when you are on the water. It won’t protect you from every accident, but PFDs have saved the lives of thousands.

Contact David W. Brauer, PLLC, at (517) 548-1998 to talk to our experienced Howell recreation vehicle accident lawyers. We want to hear your story, and win for you the compensation you deserve.

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