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License Restoration

Driver's License Restorations Attorneys

While it may seem easy to restore your revoked or suspended license on your own, in fact that is not the case.  We have heard the story many times of clients who have tried to represent themselves at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) only to be denied. They were then told they could not reapply for one year after the denial. They then contacted us and had their driver’s license restored on the first try.

Getting Your License Back

After being convicted of OWI, OUIL, drug offenses, medical reasons, or simply to many points can result in your license being suspended or revoked.

If your license has been suspended or revoked by the Michigan Secretary of State, you must have a hearing in front of the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) in order to get your license back. Our careful preparation will help ensure that you get your driver’s license back.

If your license was suspended for alcohol or drug related offenses then it will be necessary to obtain a substance abuse assessment from a qualified professional, letters from family members or friends attesting to your sobriety, or lack of drug use. A hearing is then held in front of DAAD.

Careful preparation and planning is vital to your success. Let our expertise and wealth of knowledge handling these matters be of assistance to you.

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