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Life After Bankruptcy

Life after Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are struggling with the stress and depression that accompanies unpayable debt, here is a vision of what your future may hold.

The credit card debt and medical debt that have been weighing you down are lifted and set aside.

Your creditors are forbidden by law from contacting you about past-due bills.

Rebuilding Your Credit One Purchase (and Payment) at a Time

Together with your attorney, you have studied the bankruptcy exemption rules for Michigan and exempted all the things that matter most to you.

At David W. Brauer, PLLC, we have worked with hundreds of families and individuals in precisely this situation. One client described it as “getting her life back.”

You wonder how you can live without a credit card. We will show you how. With most of your debt wiped away, you now have that fresh start you wanted.

“I was able to get a car loan the day after my 341 hearing.” – Client

Lakeland’s “Rebuilding Your Credit” Attorney

People are surprised to discover that they can still buy a home or a car. And they are really surprised to see that their credit rating, which was in the dumps in the final days before declaring Chapter 7, is improving.

“You helped me turn my life around. Thank you!” – Client

So there is life after bankruptcy. Get rid of those annoying phone calls and wage garnishments.

To learn more about life after bankruptcy, we invite you to call our lawyers in Howell, Michigan.

Concerned about the disposition of property you worked so hard for? In Michigan e-mail the Howell “life after bankruptcy” attorneys at David W. Brauer, PLLC or call us at (517) 548-1998.

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